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Devotee Speaks:

गुरु हनुमान के चरणों को नमन।
सभी सेतु सन्तों को प्रणाम।
इस अध्याय के द्वारा हनुमान जी ने जो दृश्यों को जी कर अपनी इच्छा पूर्ति एवं अनुभव समाप्त करके वापस शून्य रूप में आने की बात बताई है।हम साधारण मनुष्यों को दृश्य समाप्ति का संकेत किस तरह मिलता है?इसे थोड़ा और आसान करके समझा दीजिये।

Setu Speaks:
दिव्य आत्मस्वरूप , यह अध्याय अगर कठिन लग रहा है तो अवश्य माया आपके और अध्याय के बीच में अडचने पैदा कर रही है | माया ने इस अध्याय के प्रकाशन में भी बहुत अडचने पैदा की , शायद भक्तों तक सही से इसे पहुँचाने में भी वह अडचने पैदा कर रही है | इसे ब्रह्ममुहूर्त के समय पढ़िए जब असुरों का प्रभाव सबसे कम होता है | ||राम||
Devotee Speaks:

जय श्री राम जय मेरे गुरु जी श्री हनुमान जी के चरणों में कोटि कोटि प्रणाम सेतु मास्टर एवं सेतु संतो के चरणों में प्रणाम कल रात सोने के बाद मेरी आँख अचानक खुली और मैं ने देखा की मेरे हाथ आपस में बढे थे उंगलयो से मेरा सरीर सो रहा था मैंने अपने हाथ खोलने के कोसिस की पर सरीर से तो हाथ नहीं खुले पर मै ने देखा मैं सरीर से अलग हो गया मैंने अपना सरीर सोते देखा मुझ को बहुत डर लगा मेने अपने बगल में सोराही बेटी और पत्नी को भी देखा मैं बहुत डर गयाथा कृपया मार्ग दरसन करने की कृपा करे हनुमान जी का छोटा सा भक्त हु वैभव राम राम राम राम

Setu Speaks:

जैसा की हनुमान जी ने बार बार कहा है , ऐसे अनुभवों से घबराइए नहीं | ये मोक्ष के मार्ग पर उन्नति की निशानी हैं |

Devotee Speaks:

gratitude setuu..
gurudev ko pranam

once i was watching a harry potter film prisoner of azkaban .in this movie a mythical flying creature buckbeak(horse eagle faced )was flying across the river .may be it was 2004 .i copied this scene in my postured and stared flying ,touched the river while sitting in the room. i did two times but when i wanted to do third time it doesn't happened.

i thought it was my mind malfunctioning and my imagination.please reply on this.

now i know but i am trying, here i is 0 .

i know it is hard to reply.

but i ask i am god and everything is just my my mother sister my reflection .they doesnot have interest in moksha.they are quite opposite of me.
please tell me about bramha yog .if lord kalki does bramha yog everyone gets enlightens.just like lord laxman got the real tadka then whats the use of other people to
realise the truth.

sometimes i feel lack of concentration .i feel dead.i have no control on my mind.what is the problem.

please suggest me to what i do.


Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

Start seeking advice from within and not without so that Lord Hanuman can guide your path.


Devotee Speaks:

Respected Master,

My name is Vyshak. I belong to Brahmin community (iyer). For past 30 days I haven't eaten onion and garlic. This is because 30 days ago some inner voice inside me said not to eat onion and garlic.
My humble question to you master: Is there any reason mentioned in vedas and sasthras regarding why onion and garlic are prohibited for brahmanas ? Is there any story behind this? I am expecting a informative-useful answer from you master. Ram Ram Ram.

Thanking You,

Your's Truly,

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

There is a difference between a Sadhaka (seeker) and Brahmana (enlightened).

Sadhaka is someone who seeks truth and Brahamana is someone who has realized the truth. A Guru may prescribe food preferences to a Sadhaka if he deems it necessary for Sadhana. Garlic and Onion are known to be Rajasi food. Sadhakas may be advised by the Guru to have only Sattvik food. It completely depends on the Guru and the path he is designing for the Sadhaka. There is no universal rule.

A Brahmana, or the enlightened one, can also make his/her own rules as to how he/she wants to live life. No rules can be imposed on the Brahamanas. They determine their own rules.


Devotee Speaks:

Continued from 531907
Pranam on lord Hanuman's holy feet

Should I imagine the concept in this way " I am paramatma and all other living and non living things and the whole universe are my reflection .The person /animal/non-living thing infront of me is paramatma and I am his/her reflection."

But another person /animal/good and bad people/ universe(stars ,planets ,galaxies)are so different from me. Is this due to very high variation of my reflection?

Which is the mirror? Where is this mirror ?(in another belt of time?/ Is my body the mirror?) .Is it a typical mirror or any other thing that is called as mirror?

After I had read chapter 23 i am trying to practice this concept. It is helping me in this way---- whenever I become angry on someone or don't like their behaviour i think that "I am paramatma and he /she is my reflection" and I get relief from anger or just like the way he/she treated with me .
Is it right way practising the concept? If not then please show me the path.

Whatever enlightenment/supreme knowledge we achieve in each birth,does it get stored? Like suppose there are 100 types of supreme knowledge. Let i have achieve 5 types in one birth .so in next birth will these 5 types will get stored and I can achieve other types except these 5 types OR i have to achieve again these 5 types and then continue?

NOW THESE QUESTIONS ARE IRRITATING MY MIND(this happens to all of us when unable to find answers of our questions)


Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

"I am Paramatma and my body as well as bodies of people around me are my reflections." This is correct.

Lord Ram encountered a lion and thought that how could lion be my reflection. Yes, the lion is very high variation of my reflection.

If you can find a mirror, that mirror is also the reflection of Paramatma. That is not the mirror where Paramatma is reflected. That mirror is just another reflection.

Your thoughts about '100 types of knowledge' are in wrong direction. Think this way: Suppose there is a monk who has attained all types of knowledge you could possibly think, why can't your soul enter into the body of that monk?


Devotee Speaks:

Jai Shri Ram,
with my pranam in the holy feet of my guru and respect to all the devine souls. this chapter has given a new view to what I believed earlier.I was thinking that bhagwan vishnu is the only main body who is related to all the souls in mukti sagar as well as the souls who are on their journeys of wishes in different different loks.we all will have to be connected to him only after completion of these in the same way I was practicing to limit my wishes and trying concentrate in bhagwan vishnu.
but this new concept of 'I am Parmatma' has changed something in me as told in the chapter that even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are also images of Parmatma.So If I am not wrong then Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh are not separate, not even a single soul.Parmatma is the only main body from which this universe has been born.different different task have been assigned to the different souls.these souls help to each other as and when required.
my knowledge and vocabulary is very limited.please try to understand this turbulance of thoughts in me and show me the ray of knowledge if permitted by my guru.
Jai Shri ram.

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

Your words suggest that you are trying to imagine/understand Paramatma. As it is said in chapter 23, there is nothing wrong in imagining about Paramatma provided that imagination promises to take you towards the experience of "I am Paramatma".

Whatever you have deduced and then expressed through these words won't help you drift towards the experience of "I am Paramatma." "Main Body", "Universe born from..." etc. imaginations shouldn't be encouraged. Use only and only the imaginations told in the chapter 23. May be Lord Hanuman will expound on it in upcoming chapters. But for now, just use the "Mirror and Reflection" imagination. Don't let your mind stray you away from the path Lord Hanuman wants you to take.


Devotee Speaks:

Jai Sri ram
Jai hanuman
I had send many queries, nothing was replied yet. Today I got another query.what is 6th sense. Whether it is the soul experiences something which human thinks 6th sense.

Second query is now a days ayappa god worship is going everywhere.whether lord hanuman mentioned about ayappa god ever in any chapters. Because story about ayappa god is that he is son of lord Shiva and lord Vishnu.

Something like this, one demon was there who desired to be only killed by sibling of shiva and lord vishnu. so when lord Vishnu took mohini avatar, lord shiva merged with Vishnu and ayappa got born. What is the reality about that I want to know. This is just a thought came to my mind to know. Forgive me if I have asked anything wrong.

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

If you are sincere about moving on the path of supreme knowledge, we suggest you to ponder and reflect over the words of Lord Hanuman published here. More you churn, more knowledge will come out. Supreme knowledge is not like an academic knowledge which you receive in schools and colleges. Supreme knowledge is inside you. The words of Lord Hanuman will reveal that knowledge. Therefore, do not seek readymade answers. If you have a query, think about it until you exhaust your thinking capability on that topic. Then write your query along with the thought process you have already gone through. Then words of Setuu Masters might help you in breaking the deadlock.

This tendency of shooting questions from top of the head has to be tamed. Then only you can move on the path of the highest knowledge.


Devotee Speaks:

Dear Setuu Team ,

I read Chapter 10 of my Bhaktimala. It says a woman is capable of conceiving 60,000 children . I am trying to conceive for the last 3 years but have failed always. My husband and me have a good relationship . The chapter says that it will benefit such couples but I am unable to find a way !

How can I pray to Lord Indra to help me get a new life ? It says that a body can stop the new soul from entering it but when I am mentally and physically prepared for it , what can be a hindrance to it. Please guide on this !

Please help me in this regard , if I have understood the chapter appropriately , if I wish for a child along with my husband and if I am prepared for it , I should get one but I am unable to get a child.

I have seen People not valuing this gift of life and I am not getting it when I am desperately wanting it. Please help !
This void of my life is dragging me into a depression , where I dont know what should i do.
Please help in this regard !

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

Read the chapter with the earnest intention of getting the supreme knowledge and not with the desire of having offspring. Then your soul will be able to align on a better position of Karma-Desire.


Devotee Speaks:

Continued from #515226..

Param Pujya Anjaney Hanumanji,

You know everything about me, my life, my family, problems and my weaknesses.
You have always been there for me.

You smile when I am making a mistake, but prevent me from falling.

I can feel that soon you will get both my daughters married off with right life partners by your blessings..Thank you Prabhu !

I have a question on Chapter : 22..As you told the story of Ahilya and judging and illusions, how can I, a human, who imagines and writes stories, from history of Indian freedom struggle, can stay away from imagining and judging ? As you will agree that imaginations are necessary for this. Only if you think it is answerable, since it is just a doubt !

You are param gnyani prabhu, a great support to me, and I am sure you are leading me towards the journey of enlightenment whenever it may come to me.

Shat shat pranams..I am overwhelmed !

Pranams from my family, we all are blessed by you, for everything. Jai Shree Ram !

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

After reading this chapter, you would be more objective towards your job. You would not form opinions as to who was wrong and who was right. You would do your job better and in an objective way, the way a real historian ought to be.


Devotee Speaks:

Dear Setuu Team

Jai Shri Ram
Jai Sadguru Hanumanji.

It was extremely delightful and highly insightful to read the latest chapter. I have no words left to describe to beauty of Sri Ram's mind which can perceive anything without any judgement/prejudice. Will look forward to more such chapters.

However I am having one clarification here. As I read the chapter more carefully, I understand that any amount of information will never suffice to make our mind clear of reality. Our mind will continuously evolve unlimited images as and when more and more information are pounded on to it on any given thing. it could be person/action of a person.

In such circumstances, If we have to react on a situation, or respond to a person on any given situation, or take action on someone for if that person's action has affected us, It would be very difficult to take a decision on reacting/responding to the situation because our mind would still not be knowing the reality. It could also lead to a scenario where our reactive / responsive action can create injustice to that person as Reality would never be rightly perceived.

I humbly seek clarity on this subject that how to be totally unbiased and still take the right decision in reacting/responding to a given situation.

I pray to Sadguru Sri Hanumanji in helping me in understanding this concept.

Waiting for your response.

Jai Sri Ram
Jai Sadguru Hanumanj

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

This chapter, If understood, adds an information with every experience you would be having from this point forth. And that additional information is, "Whatever you see is not reality, it is just a version of reality as you see it."

This additional piece of info will change the way you respond to situations.

If somebody hurts you, you would be more forgiving and compassionate towards them thinking, "I see that they have tried to hurt me, but that may not be the reality."

If somebody has done favor to you, you would be less attached to them, thinking, "I see that they have done favor to me, but that may not be the reality. But I am someone who loves unconditionally, so I love this person regardless." (Less Attachment means more unconditional love.)

This is how someone who is on the path of supreme truth responds to people and circumstances. This is how sages interact with the outside world. So, this chapter ought to bring this quality of sages in you.


Devotee Speaks:

हे सेतु संतो मेरे मन में एक अजीब सा सवाल है।मैं भगवान श्री राम का नाम
"श्री राम..श्री राम..श्री राम"करते जपता हूं परंतु मैं जब हनुमान जी की
लीलाएं देखता हूं तो उसमें भगवान हनुमान जी मैं सदैव "राम..राम..राम" का
जप किया है।
मैं आपसे पूछना चाहता हूं क्या मुझे भगवान जी का नाम "श्री राम श्री राम
श्री राम" जपना है अथवा हनुमान जी की भातिँ "राम राम राम" जपना है।
मैं सदैव भगवन् का नाम श्री राम नामावली में लिखता भी हूं परंतु मैं वहां
पर "श्रीराम" शब्द का प्रयोग करता हूं क्योंकि मैं हिंदू हूं और मैं
भगवान का नाम बिना श्री के नहीं ले सकता हूं।
कृपया करके मुझे इस दुविधा से बाहर निकालिए मुझे क्या जपना है आपकी
बहुत कृपा होगी।

Setu Speaks:

अभी आप मन के स्तर पर हैं इसलिए श्री राम कहिये | जब आप आत्मा के स्तर से भी ऊपर उठ जायेंगे तो आपको "श्री" (अर्थात देवी लक्ष्मी) तथा "राम" एक ही नजर आयेंगे | तब आप "राम" जपेंगे |


Devotee Speaks:

From last 4 months I am attracted towrds lord hanuman it happened because of one dream.
Everytime I think about lord hanuman I sing song of his glory I chant hanan chalisa and some stanza continue until I sleep pleasse suggest me something.

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

Our suggestion is that you stop looking for suggestions from outside world. Explore the inner world. Your soul knows everything. All you have to do is remove the veil of ignorance from it. Lord Hanuman's words are the knife which will cut this veil. Any other suggestion taken from outside world may only thicken the veil.


Devotee Speaks:

जय श्री राम
मैंने अपने भूतकाल मे बहूत सी बुरी इच्छाओं को किया हैं। जिनका दुप्रभाव अब मे अपने जीवन मे स्पष्ट देख रहा हूं। कृपा कर बताइये की भूतकाल मे की गयी उन इच्छाओं से कैसे मुक्ति पायी जा सकती हैँ।
thank you so much
जय श्री राम । जय जय हनुमान।।

Setu Speaks:

पुरानी इच्छाएं जिन्हें इस लोक में पूर्ण करना कठिन हैं , उन्हें इंद्र देव स्वपन लोक में ले जाकर समाप्त कर देते हैं | अगर आप मन से उन इच्छाओं को नहीं चाहते हैं , तो वे स्वपनलोक में समाप्त कर दी जाएँगी |


Devotee Speaks:

श्री राम जी बाबा हनुमान जी सहित ब्रम्हांड के सभी देवी देवता तथा सेतु एशिया , और सभी मतंगो को मेरा नमन कृपया कर मेरा नमस्कार स्वीकार करे। मैं पहली बार कुछ लिखने जा रहा हूँ अगर लिखते समय कुछ गलती हो जाये तो मुझे माफ़ करदिजियेगा मैं तो बहुत अज्ञानी हूँ आपके बालक समान हूँ इतना ज्ञान नही है मेरे पास की मैं आपके समक्ष् कुछ लिख सकु फिर भी बाबा बजरंग बाली की कृपा से कुछ शब्द लिखना चाहता हूँ कृपा कर अपनी कृपा मुझ पर बनाये रखे और भूल चूक क्षमा करे।
मेरा नाम हेमंत है मैं यह तो नही कहूँगा की मै हनुमान जी का बहुत बड़ा या छोटा भक्त हूँ यह तो बाबा बजरंग बली ही जानते है। की मै उनका भक्त कहलाने लायक हूँ भी या नही। मैंने अबतक जितने भी अध्याय पढ़े है मुझे ऐसा लगता है की मैं बस आपके दवारा् लिखे शब्दों को देख रहा हूँ लेकिन वो सब ज्ञान की बाते तो हनुमान जी खुद मुझे सुन्ना रहे है ऐसा अनुभव होता है।

अध्याय पढ़ने के बाद कुछ सवाल मन मैं आये है मैं आशा करता हूँ की इन सवालो के जवाब मुझे ज़रूर मिलेगे जिससे मन को शांति मिले।
पहला सवाल-
मैं जब भी कोई आद्यांत्मिक कहानी या कुछ पढता सुनता हूँ मुझे ऐसा लगता है की मैं उस वक़्त वहाँ मौजूद था सब कुछ मेरे सामने ही हुआ है मुझे ऐसा क्यों लगता है।

दूसरा सवाल-
जब भगवान राम जी वैकुंट धाम लौट गए थे तब राम जी ने अपना सारा राज पाठ अपने वंशजो को सौप दिया था महाभारत मै एक प्रसंग मिलता है की राम जी के पुत्र लव कुश के वंशज कौरवो की तरफ से युद्ध मै शामिल हुए थे लेकिन राम जी के वंशजो का आज कोई पता नहीं है वो कहा है ऐसा क्या कारण है की भगवन के वंशज आज कलयुग मै उपस्तिथ नही है यही बात श्री कृणा भगवान के बारे मैं भी जानना चाहता ही कृपा कर इस बात को विस्तार से समजाए की ऐसा क्यों है की भगवान जी का वंश ऐसे लुप्त किस कारण से हुआ।।

अगर सवाल मैं किसी प्रकार की गलती हो तो माफ़ी चाहता हूँ अपना बालक समझकर क्षमा करदिजियेगा..

।।जय श्री राम जी की।।
।।जय श्री हनुमान जी की।।

Setu Speaks:

पहला सवाल : दिव्य आत्मस्वरूप , आत्मा के अनुभव को दिमाग की सीमाओं में उठे "क्यों" में बांधना मुश्किल है |

दूसरा सवाल : जब भगवान् अवतार लेते हैं तो काल और अस्तित्व के द्रव का अति शक्तिशाली होना आवश्यक है | अस्तित्व के द्रव को आप एक नदी माने और वंश को माने नदी से निकली धारा | प्रभु के जन्म लेने में पूरी नदी खर्च हो जाती है और बाद में उसकी धारायें कमजोर होती हैं और अंततः सूख जाती हैं |


Devotee Speaks:

Respected Teacher,

I have read chapter, I have notice one point “Desire” who on creating give us “SUKH” & “DUKH”.

And hanuman ji says that don’t create desire it will give u both.

Sir if I will not create any desire then how it is possible to gain anything.

Please solve this puzzle.

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

You already have millions of desires pending from previous births. If you want Moksha, you need to dump those desires and stop creating new ones.

If you want to gain materialistic things, you may desire whatever you want.


Devotee Speaks:

Dear Team

Jai Shri Ram
Jai Hanumanji.

I have a very peculiar request to make. But I sincerely seek the guidance of Sadguru Hanumanji to mend my nature here.

In spite of worshipping Sadguru Hanumanji and Sri Ram, I am a very timid person. Personally I feel that I am angry sort. but my nature is very suppressible. I am unable to pull out the anger.

Example - These days Road rages are very common incidents. for no fault of ours we encounter some quarrelsome and highly abusive person who reprimands us with out any reason. I feel extremely angry at these things but my timid nature urges me to escape from such a scene and avoid confrontations and quarrels. Although once I am away from there, my body will be trembling with rage and kind of fear of consequences.

This holds good in most of confrontational scenarios like office, personal etc. After the incident for long time I remain disturbed and upset over my timidity. Thinking and rethinking of the consequences and the untold inconveniences, I avoid most of confrontations and quarrels with anybody. I feel that I am becoming week because of this.

I pray to Sadguru Hanumanji to mend my nature in this regard. I do not know how I can become fearless. Please advise me on building courage.

Waiting for your response.

Jai Sri Ram
Jai Hanumanji.

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

When your body-mind does something which your soul doesn't approve, then body starts trembling/ behaving strangely. Your soul doesn't desire conflict. When Asurrahs residing in abusive people contaminate your mind, your body-mind gets enraged and your soul stops recognizing/accepting enraged body-mind.

Lord Hanuman cannot take your soul backward. It has come to this level after many births. Making it desire conflict means taking it backward.

The alternative solution is to make use of Asurrahs. When you need to confront a person, let your soul fly away from your body-mind for some time. Let an Asurrah take over your body-mind and handle the situation. Then you will find yourself more courageous. Once the situation is over, you may return to your good-nature self and your soul will come back. But make sure that the Asurrahs do not contaminate you. Just use them like a tool and throw away once used.



Devotee Speaks:

Pranam Mathangs and Setuu masters

Is everything predestined or not?
Do astrology and planets effect the lives of people?
Bcoz the life we are experiencing right now is due to past karmas

Bcoz if we take great people like Aadi Shankaracharya or Gautama or Ramakrishna paramahamsa
When they were born planets are in extraordinary position
That means planets effect humans lives
They are born to show the right path to the humanity not to lead ordinary human lives

Bcoz to my understanding what I understood was

If jaya vijaya (Gate keepers of vaikunta) were not cursed
Ramayana and mahabharata wouldn't have happened?
Bcoz due to the curse of them they were born as
Rakshasas and lord vishnu has to take birth and to kill them

This is how their destiny was planned
To take birth as enemies of vishnu in 3 lives and to be defeated in the hands of vishnu
after that they will be back again in vaikunta
Here there 3 lives was pre-planned

In ramayana there are many people Said to ravana and vibishna also said that
To return seeta back to Rama
He didn't listen

He didn't listen because due to his samskara?
Or his destiny was planned to defeat under lord vishnu(Lord Rama)?

And again in bhagavatam also

When narada visited sage vyasa ashram, vyasa was unhappy
Narada asked vyasa why he was so sad after writing the mahabharatam also
then vyasa said
" I wrote 4 Vedas and 18 Purana's and mahabharata and iam still not satisfied
My heart is bursting with grief
O sage tell me a way to get peace?
Then sage narada replied
Though you have written all
But you didn't write about Lord vishnu
Who he is?
Where did he come from?
You should write all these
Then you will be happy
Mediatate on lord vishnu and you will know the whole story of bhagavatam
Then you teach the whole bhagavata Purana to your son and he will teach to the king parikshit who is in fear of death (Here narada is saying that king parikshit will listen bhagavat Purana who is in FEAR OF DEATH)

The incident happened when Parikshit went hunting. The King, after pursuing a specific prey in the forest for a long time, had become tired and hungry. This was when he came across the hermitage of rishi Shamika. Unaware that the rishi was under a vow of silence, the King enquired about the prey but the rishi answered not. Enraged by the rishi’s silence, Parikshit placed a dead snake on the rishi’s shoulder with the end of his bow. The rishi still did not protest. Observing this, Parikshit became repentant and walked away.

The rishi’s son Shringi, who himself was highly accomplished in penances, came to know of the insult meted out to his father through Krsha, son of another rishi. An enraged Shringi cursed that the King will meet his death by the live snake Takshaka in seven days

Though parikshit was a noble king but at that time he lost his cool and placed a dead snake on Rishis shoulders

Is it happened? Bcoz as narada said it is destined to happen?
Or is it happened Due to parikshits anger?

Bcoz narada clearly says to vyasa that
You teach this bhagavat Purana to your son and from him the first person who will hear this Purana is king parikshit WHO IS IN FEAR OF DEATH

And It is said that Lord Brahma will write our destinies and he will fix our life span for some X years?

When we go to some Astrologer by looking at horoscope he says that

You will become this you Will become that
You have this mahardasha running that running etc etc

Some will happen some will not happen

And lord Krishna in bhagavatgeeta said that
In chapter 3 sloka 27

प्रकृते: क्रियमाणानि गुणै: कर्माणि सर्वश: |
अहङ्कारविमूढात्मा कर्ताहमिति मन्यते || 27||

All activities are carried out by the three modes of material nature. But in ignorance, the soul, deluded by false identification with the body, thinks itself to be the doer.

In this sloka lord Krishna evidently makes clear that
This world is running by three modes of material nature The fool only thinks that he is the doer of all activities but a learned ones are aware he is not the doer this is all just illusion

And in 2chapter 47 sloka it is said that

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन |
मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि || 47 ||

You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, nor be attached to inaction

Here Krishna says that you have the right to do the duty but giving results is in my hands
He clearly says that Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities
It's Iam who giving the results

And in bhagavatgeeta in slokas chapter 9 sloka 18 and chapter 10 sloka 8 it is said that

He is saying Iam the whole
Creator and destroyer
Everything happening in this entire universe is happening with my will

गतिर्भर्ता प्रभु: साक्षी निवास: शरणं सुहृत् |
प्रभव: प्रलय: स्थानं निधानं बीजमव्ययम् || 18||
BG 9.18: I am the supreme goal of all living beings, and I am also their sustainer, master, witness, abode, shelter, and friend. I am the origin, end, and resting place of creation; I am the storehouse and eternal seed.

अहं सर्वस्य प्रभवो मत्त: सर्वं प्रवर्तते |
इति मत्वा भजन्ते मां बुधा भावसमन्विता: || 8||
BG10.8 I am the origin of all creation. Everything proceeds from me. The wise who know this perfectly worship me with great faith and devotion.

He says in gita that
I know the past
I know the present
I know the future
But no one knows me

Bcoz if everything is not pre-destined
How would God know the future?

But some say everything is in our hands
We are the creator of our own destinies?

What is true ?

Does really planets and horoscopes effect our lives?
And do our lives are pre-destined?
Or we have the destiny in our hands?

Sorry for the long question

But please reply

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

Many devotees have asked similar questions and it has been answered multiple times. Please go through the answers other devotees got.

To summarize:

This universe can be seen/experienced/observed from many levels and from infinite perspectives. While pursuing an answer, you must keep the observer in mind because when observer or point of observation changes, everything else changes.

If you see this universe from the perspective of Gods, yes, everything is pre-destined.

But when you come down to the level of humans and do an action, at that point you have the freewill and you have the power to shape your own destiny.

When you are level with the Rishis, they are in middle of ordinary humans and Gods. They can see their own future from perspective of Gods, and can plan their actions at level of humans. When they do something, they get both the feelings. They feel that they are doing action at their own will and at the same time they feel that what they are doing is pre-destined. It happens at the same time. So their knowledge about future does not affect their freewill or vice versa.


Devotee Speaks:

!!Jai Shri Ram!!
!!Jai hanuman ji!!

Respected setuu masters

Kindly guide me as i am bit confused regarding my dreams.i am frequently dreaming of hanuman ji,and two days before i had dream in which there was a saint organising for some kind of pooja,and somebody was chanting "jai shri ram".when the person chanting "jai shri ram",my soul was experiencing strange feeling,i was feeling like my soul was flying out of my body.The person was chanting "jai shri ram" was not clearly visible to me but i was sure in my dream that he was my guru hanuman ji.The dream was like real but it was a mind is not able to bear such dreams.Plz settle my mind with your divine words.ll

"Jai shri ram".

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

We advise devotees not to try to do postmortem of dreams. If it is a good dream and you do postmortem, you may waste an opportunity to realize that dream in real world. If it is a bad dream and you do postmortem of it, you recycle your bad desires which may result in a bad reality next time.

Do not try to understand dreams. Just let them be,


Devotee Speaks:

Respected Soul,

I have some confusion about Shri Hanuman Ji “Puja Vidhi Process”.

As per Setuu website Mathang use mantra (Posted in Website) to calling hanuman ji.

But my soul is thinking that this knowledge give to Mathang by hanuman ji for their worship or calling.

Is it right if we use same mantra for calling hanuman ji ?

And in second hand In Hindu religion (Very old religion) process of worship or calling is totally different.

Many very lucky soul have got hanuman ji darshan from Hindu religion.

Which (from both Mathang Style and Hindu religion Style) is right for worship and Dharshan of Hanuman Ji?

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

We have published only 3 lines of Mantra with permission of Lord Hanuman. After that we didn't get the permission probably because people were misusing the Mantra. We will release it fully if and when we get His permission. Most probably the devotees who sincerely read the chapters will be eligible for the Mantra. We suppose we won't get permission to publish it for public in general.

Hinduism consists of Guru Traditions. Mathangs is one of the Guru traditions, the difference is that here Guru is Lord Hanuman Himself. Most of the Guru Paramparas have been lost. If your family has its Guru Parampara intact, you should follow your Guru Parampara.


Devotee Speaks:

Jai Hanuman,

Sir, How Can I realise My Soul. Means How can we Know that this particular voice is our Soul voice or it is only my Mind Voice.

Setu Speaks:
Divine Soul, Your mind may get thoughts from two sources - (1) Maya or the external world (2) Your soul. When your mind is directed by thoughts from your soul, you are on right path. Otherwise Maya has you trapped. To know if a thought is sourced from Soul or Maya, just find out whether it has been originated from something in external world or Maya. If it hasn't originated from Maya, it has come from soul. Now here is the tricky part. Originating and projecting are two different things. Your mind may get a thought from soul and then project it to be originated from Maya. Such a thought would be called right because it has originated from soul, but later got projected on Maya. You need to ponder and practice in order to be able to differentiate. Blessings