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Devotee Speaks:

continued from #506228
charan sparsh to lord hanuman.
hey lord hanuman, nothing is hidden from you in this world. everything is known to you, n everything is happening for a reason, u also know d reasons behind everything, u can also change anything in dis world just like dat thing was just an mere illusion.
my mighty lord this phase of my life is going in very much tension.
i m worried all time just because of my family.
in my family.. mother, father, a younger brother, wife, daughter, grand mother, and tau ji ( elder brother to my father). grand mother and tauji lives in village- parental village. my father comes to nearby town for education of me and my brothers..,
everything is going fine just upto 1 yr before...
thn my marriage, my job, thn gifted by a daughter by the grace of god,
but then.. lost my youngest brother..
i m doing everything i can do to support my family but things are not solving they are complexing more and more.,
relation between my mother and my wife are not well .. they didnot talk much.
my wife and mother complains all this to me separately, but i didn't find a solution.
as result wife always puts pressure on me to go to her father's place, wife's mother father are also putting pressure saying.. take care of ur mother and father, we can take care of our daughter,
relations in my mother father.. and.. wife's mother father are also not good., they don't even like talking each other.,
brother is in another city from our city, for education.
hey mighty lord please give blessings to all my family so that all things become well.. i find it very hard in between all these relations.,
i already lost my younger dear brother, mighty lord now i can't even think of anything bad. please lord hanuman ji give blessings, i really need a support of you to give support to my family..,
highly obliged., thanx.. charan sparsh..

Devotee Speaks:

my lord...I don't knw procedure how I can make guru...but air my body using...water my body used... all parts of this universe know that how I miss my lord.....I love u so much hanuman......when no body with me...I found myself in the foot of lord...I can't live without your chapter...why u give so late permission for these chapter...I am addicted for these plzzzzz...... every weak I need one new chapter.....when I read your chapter found my self in free..I enjoy lord I want to reality about my Questions describes in #495521...,,,plzzzz tel me reality. .. plzzzz.......

Devotee Speaks:

HUMAN live WITH HUMANITY along WITH LOVE with detachment that is the GOD form,try to become a HUMAN with HUMANITY and THEN try to become a GOD, do not want to see GOD,try to become a GOD,I want to BECOME a GOD with GOD BLESSINGs,SAIRAM

Devotee Speaks:

It was one fine rainy sunday afternoon in april when i logged into facebook. I am not a subscriber or member of a community named Hanuman Chalisa.But somehow on my FB wall there was a photo of Lord Hanuman along with a Link to Nabharat Times. I read the Link and then from there i was redirected to Setu.. I read everthing on Setu and also the experiences people had after performing the Charan Pooja on the Nabharat Link. In no time i reserved 4 Charan Poojas ( for m Dad, Mom , elder brother and sister in law). Lord Hanuman is our KUL DEVATA( LORD OF OUR ENTIRE FAMILY INCLUDING THE ANCESORS). he is the Eastha deva of m Mom and my elder brother. My dad is his sincere devotee. By blessings of my Guru Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj ( 5th Original Jagadguru of this world and founder of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat known as JKP . Also known as BHAKTIYOG RASAWATAR, as his entire teaching is on NISKAAM BHAKTI , selfless devotion to the Lord. No favours , only serve the lord as his servant. Complete surrender), I also am a devotee of Lord Hanuman and visit a temple in Bhubaneswar conatining 108 idols of d Lord almost every Sat for the last 1 yr. What i meant here is thalt this is d supreme grace of the Lord dat somehow we were able to do Charanpooja and offer our Karma to Lord Hanuman,

Continued from #634, i am sorry as i myself am very concerned abt my nature. On one hand i am a sincere devotee of God and m Guru and on other side most of time m mind worries a lot abt future state of my family nd my career and life and the challlenges in life and how i can overcome them owing to my limited capabilties. It all stems from a negative thinking and lack of self confodence which i am culprit of allowig to grow in my mind.
The message i received from d Mathangs.. i took it this way. The tree symbolises the path of Bhakti (selfless devotion) as ordered by Guru. And the feet resembles faith in d lord (which i strongly lack) . In fact my devotion to lord stems mostly out of fear of the future and worry. So i pray Lord Hanuman to nless me with devotion and smaran of my guru and strong faith, shraddha in my Guru and myself (self confidence) and my capabilities. And take every situation in my life as a blessing of my Guru and Lord.Pls carry my prayers to d Lord.

Devotee Speaks:

Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Ram!!!!!!!. Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!. Ohh Lord. Cow slaughtering is going on unpunished in India and there is now law to prevent it as it has been lost due to politics and the name of secularism. Many people have laid down their lives while saving the holy mother Cow. We are helpless as the political class lacks will and very powerful people are involved. Pls accept our prayers and intervene so that Cow /Cattle slaughtering is banned in India .Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!!. Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!

Devotee Speaks:

O.. Lord Hanuman!!!!!!!!!. Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Ram!!!!!!!!. Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Ram!!!!!.. I am afraid of the evil effects of different ominous planetary positions in our horocopes ( my entire family) as indicated by astrologers who analyse. This makes me feel that we are an unfortunate lot and our state in life will always be that of struggle, lack of peace and happiness, gloom. I beg pardon for harbouring these negative thoughts . I understand that the problem is with our attitudes and thought process but also the experiences in our lives of failure,struggle have further cemented this belief.

I and my family surrender at your feet ohh Lord. Please save us all from the evil effects of this planets ( grahas) and bless us to live a balanced succesful life and at the same time live with divine consciousness keeping our mind , heart and soul at your lotus feet. Pls bless us with the capabilities so that we can win over every situation in life with calmness composure and self conidence, Why do we worry when we have U and my Guru and our Easth Devatas on our side. Its all a problem with our beliefs and faiths. Pls repair that.

Pls repair our lives .Please install that faith in us that we are in ur safe hands and these planets work as per your orders and by your grace , the will not harm us, Let us all feel the shower of ur grace in everthing and be thankful to u for all we have. Pls bless us with smart hardwork and devotion, faith, patience and perseverance. Pls help us live our lives in a blisful way basking in the glory of your grace and blessings.

Pls bless us so that we are driven/smitten only by Love of your form, enchanted by the beauty of your divine pastimes and not always come to you driven by fear and worries of our material existence. Pls bless us with divine conciousness, alertness, feeling and meditation of ur forms at the heart and the point in between the eyebrows... Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!!!!

Devotee Speaks:

Dear Sir,

I am suffering from health issues from a long time. Ulcer,gastric stomach burning sensation, indigestion problem, headache. I am on tablets again. Gurudeva please give me good health. I want to get rid of all my health issues. this stomach problem is troubling me. Some people are telling me that due to someone has kept blackmagic that's y I m getting this stomach pain. Not able to tolerate my parents foul language I am shouting due to which my acidity increases. please bless me with good physical health and mental health. only u can solve my stomach problem. In my horoscope in 5th place I have Saturn, mars and moon astrologers tell that it will give stomach issues. I am not able to do anything with this stomach pain. I got selected for one job. but with this stomach pain how will I acheieve my goals.? Hanuman ji please have mercy on me. cure my ulcers and give me a good health. though I am doing yogaasanas I m not able to get rid of this stomach problem. I humbly bow before my beloved lord. Thanks a lot guru ji.

Devotee Speaks:

Pranam lord hanuman,
I have been praying to you for the last 8 months on a wish - let me have my mother back....give me my beloved mother back....she has sacrificed so much in her life....let her enjoy the life with her grandson. ...I am an ordinary person and couldn't share her pain....told her that I would cure my father. ...but alas....I couldn't. ..... I didn't have any knowledge about you and your leelas....after I lost my maa I thought of someone who is beyond time.....accidentally I got the link of setuu in Facebook and astonished to read that it is you Lord Hanuman who is beyond what do you call this ? Coincidence? I don't believe it is sheer coincidence. ... I think it to be the urge of my soul that provided me the answer......Pls share your views since I am an ordinary man. .... now why did I want to be in the feet of someone who is beyond time ? Because I wanted divine help to make corrections in the way I approached the treatment of my mother so that the end result doesn't lead to lose her but to cure her and take her home....then in chapter 1, I was amazed to read that everything is illusion and since an incident was bad illusion so you helped the sanyasi to jump from bad to good and experience the good illusion. ....then it was like a beam of light in the tunnel.....if he can experience your blessings why not me....but time has been passing by....nobody has committed but somewhere in my heart I still believe that Lord Hanuman is going to give me my mother.....with time....the hope was experiencing greater patience one of my queries I came to know that my mother has taken birth.....ok....fine...but then my belief has not tilted an inch.....just then chapter 15 was published. ...came to know about relative and absolute changes.....oh...again a ray of hope rejuvenated. ... even though she has taken a birth....why let Lord Hanuman`s leelas lead to an absolute change.....looking forward for your reply.....if you don't believe how I am....please do come and see me without my maa....

Devotee Speaks:

Oh Lord Hanuman
My father got readmitted in hospital today.
Please take care of my father and cure him.
Tamoghna Dassharma

Devotee Speaks:

Jai Siya Raam,

I had been reading sincerely not only the chapters but also trying to gain as much knowledge as possible from experiences section.

I had noticed or realized recently that when Asurrahs fail to gain evil pleasure from our own body, they try to manipulate us using other body with whom we are communicating.

I had noticed my wife trying best to bring out the worst anger out of me by constantly abusing and insulting me or my intellect and also sometimes my adorable daughter no matter how much I remain calm. Previously, I had fallen prey to this. But now, With the help to supreme knowledge, I'm recently able to handle such situations.

Tons of Thanks for Lord, Mathangs, and Setuu Masters.

Rather than hoping, I'm believing that these obstacles and miserable would end soon and get converted to immense happiness once my karmas become even.

Devotee Speaks:


आज्ञा दो हनुमान जी मेरी अंतिम सांसारीक इच्छा पुरी करने का दिन आ गया है। कमांडो चयन के लिये जाना है और सफल होके लौटना है, प्रभू साथ रहना।

आप को सब पता है महाराज और क्या कहु। बस करदो हनुमान जी।

Devotee Speaks:

Dear Setuu Master,

I'm writing this in hour of great need. Since last few weeks my mother is fighting with a medical illness. Today, she had one important medical test done. The result of the test will come by tomorrow or day after.

With all due regards and with my utmost belief I seek blessings of Lord Hanuman for my mother.

Lord please. Please do not let any harm touch my mother. No disease shall touch her. Hanuman ji, the faith I have developed in you after reading the chapters is my only source of strength now. With folded hands and with utmost sincerity I ask for forgiveness. Please listen to me Hanuman ji. I hope I'm connected to you and that my thoughts/feelings reach you. Hanuman ji please tell what shall I do to relieve my mother from this suffering. Please Hanuman ji, understand the pain I'm going through. My world seems to be ending. Please help. Speak to me. Come to me. I bow to you and Lord Ram.

Please speak to me. Help us!

Setuu please communicate this to my Hanuman.

Ps :- Before going for the medical test. I made my mother read the first chapter.


Devotee Speaks:

Ohh Lord Hanuman,

You know, our Hotel in Jajpur started operations on 12th Feb 2016.

We need 100% occupancy throughout in order to pay off our bank loans and debts and current monthly expenses for operations.

Please bless us with a capable team, Good marketing strategy, customer service, business partners and deals so that we be the number one hotel in jajpur road

May we usher a new era of innovation and creativity in terms of customer comfort ,service and customers.

May each customer who comes here feel blessed, have a successful business trip and the purpose of his visit is fructigied by statying here and he feels that by staying here his business mission is accomplished.

Please bless us with a positive mindset, attitude and a strong work ethic.

Protect us from.humiliation ohh lord. We seek your refuge

Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

Devotee Speaks:

Ohh lord hanuman, my humble bowings on behalf of me and my entire family

I postrate at your feet. Please forgive us for the lack of faith and negativity.

I also seek forgiveness to my ancestors.

I also seek forgiveness to u on behalf of them.

Ohh lord as you know, my dad Rishi Kumar Agarwal, your ardent devotee and a totall surrendered bhakta of Lord Laksmi Narayan
eats Paan along with small amounts of zarda.

Off late he is having pain in the mouth and the doctors as well our family astrologer has asked him to stop eating but he is not able to give up eating paan and we as well as him are living in fear

Also he is having pain in legs and he is very short tempered and has a lot of anger.

We fear him as much as we love him.

Please bless him with a calm ,peaceful and happy nature.

Also cure him of all graha doshas, worries, financial problems and debt.

We are in need of a miracle from you.

Ohh lord save us.

Rakshaamaam Pahimaam Trahimaam

Devotee Speaks:

Dear Setuu masters and Matang tribe,
Tomorrow 7th March is is an auspicious day....since Lord Hanuman is reincarnation of Lord Shiva, pls convey my prayer that I want my mother back....I want my father fit and fine....I want to lead a normal life with my parents, wife and Child like all other humanbeings....I don't want to lead an unfortunate life daily full of tension and sorrow like the one I am leading now. I am unable to take care of my little baby properly since I have a broken heart and mind.
Please do convey the prayer in Sakshat Hanuman Puja.

Devotee Speaks:

I have read all 14 chapters and waiting for the day when next will be published and I am really thankful to you for sharing...

I have full faith in Hanuman ji and hanuman ji has helped me in various ways..Once long time back. Some one took Rs 20000 from my father and was not returning the money back.... for more than 1 year that person didn't returned the money.. We thought that we will never get the money back.. so we left the hope..
then a time came when we faced big financial crisis and I could see the tension in my fathers face,, As I was only studying in the 2nd year of Engineering ... & could not able to do any help .. I was also not feeling good.... Then one night as usually I do before sleeping ,,, I talk to Hanumanji mentally .... One thought came to my mind if that person returns the money... it will help us a lot.. So while thinking about hanuman ji ... I heard a voice mentally .. It was not actually voice but something like Hanuman Ji asked me .. He gave me 2 options

Do you want that money back from that person or Do you want to win a lottery ?
I said , I just want that the person should return the money to my father please.. and then I slept...

next morning , infact very early , when I was sleeping only, I heard someone ring the door bell, and I heard while sleeping that some one came.. I was feeling sleepy so I kept sleeping late..

But when I wake up and asked who came so early morning ,, I was shocked to know that the same person came and returned full money ..... I can't tell how I felt ,,, i was so happy to know that yesterday night it was hanuman ji who actually asked me and listened my prayer...

Its been 10 years now and I still talk to Hanumanji..... but now I dont know why I am not getting that kind of feeling that I normally had while talking to Hanuman ji..

I think I did something wrong which suddenly took him far away from me ... that makes me very sad from inside..
Please help me

Devotee Speaks:

Jai shree Hanuman
Today I have lost my beloved one, my grandfather(mother's father).
हे भगवान उनकी आत्मा को शान्ति प्रदान करें।
।।श्री राम।।

Devotee Speaks:

Thanks baba Mathang for sharing all the lila of lord Hanuman to us .now I got alot faith in god .after reading all of them chapter I totally faith that he is immortal nd living this yug in kalyug .
But I have question when lord vishnu take birth as a kalki??

Devotee Speaks:

"Continued from #519793 in first line ..
Thanq setu for ur reply. I don't bother about religions.. I didn't get answer for my question.
Does Lord hanuma know about me ? I always wanted to know about my inner self..Lord hanuma gave answers to my questions through fb setuu hanuma page. It made me to believe that he is listening to my words..Thank you

Devotee Speaks:

Dear matedang,i am facing stomach problem(loose stool)from last 4years as well as swapandosh and mentally uncomfortable last 4 Years .so lord hanuman please remove my all deasease and pain.there is no hope except you lord hanuman.jai shree ram