These are Experiences and Prayers submitted by devotees for inclusion in Sakshat Hanuman Pooja. You can also submit your experiences at . We try to include as many sincere experiences and prayers as we can. Make sure that you read at least one chapter of Lord Hanuman's Leelas immediately before writing. This will ensure that Asurrahs do not influence your mind when you try to express yourself. It will increase the chances of inclusion in Sakshat Hanuman Pooja.

Devotee Speaks:

I am just understanding and experiencing the system of universe, law of nature, humanity, illusions and reality by the words of Supreme Hanumana.

I pray him to please forgive me for whatever I done in my life.
Forgive my family members and blessed us with your divine light.
And I pray to heal my Family with happiness, peace, disease free, healthy and successful.

And prayers for those who really need help.

Devotee Speaks:

मेरी उम्र 29 साल की है। मैं शुरू से ही पढ़ाई लिखाई में अच्छाा नहीं था, 12th क्लास में मेंरे बोर्ड के एग्ज़ाम थे और हर बार की तरह मेरी कुच भी तैयारी नहीं थी। अगले दिन पेपर था और मैं पूरी रात रोता रहा. क्योकिे मुझे पता था की मैं कल फेल होने वाला हूं। जब मैने पेपेर को देखा तो मुझे कुछ भी नहीं आता था। पाास होने के लिए 33 नंबरो की ज़रूरत थी। लेकिन मुझे मात्र 15 नंबर का पेपर ही आता था। लेकिन मैने पेपर पूरा अटैंड किया। मुझे कुछ नहीं पता मैने उस दिन क्या लिखा था। मैं पेपर देकर वापस घर आया और खूब रोया। पेपर खत्म हो गए और छुट्टिया पड़ गयी। बोर्ड एग्ज़ाम का रिज़ल्ट आने में थोडा समय लगता है। तो मैने हनुमानजी का चलिया रख लिया। मैने प्रण लिया कि मैं 40 दिन हनुमानजी के मंदिर जाउंगा। हांलाकी मेरी आस्था बजरंगबली में शुरू से हूी थी। वो मेरे इष्ट देव है। मैं पूरे 40 दिन हनुमान मंदिर गया और जब रिज़ल्ट आया तो मेरे 33 नंबर थे। मैं उस दिन खूब रोया। मुझे मालूम था कि ये सिर्फ हनुमानजी की कृपा से ही हुआ है। मुझे हनुमानजी का अनुभव होता है। मेरे साथ कई एसी बातें हुई हैं, जो उनकी कृपा के बिना नहीं हो सकती थी। बजरंगबली हमेशा मेरे साथ रहते है। और अपने हर भक्त के साथ रहते है। मैं आज एक न्यूज़ चैनल में काम करता हूं। मेरी ज़िंदगी अच्छी चल रही है और ये सब सिर्फ बजरंगबली की कृपा है।
जय श्री राम
जय हनुमान

Devotee Speaks:

When I was pregnant first time I visited hanuman mandir every evening... I am blessed with healthy and very well behaved and intelligent boy...I read ramayna then and I found so many qualities of Lord ram in my son.. I am pregnant second time and I wish to have a baby girl this time... May hanuman ji bless me this time too...

Devotee Speaks:

On 28th may 2017, early in the morning, I got a dream, in which I saw a Lord ( may be lord Ram) in dream, I don't know who the lord is, he was accompanied by many and a person carrying umbrella above his head. They all were walking, then I saw a humble monkey man ( may be lord Hanuman) who was directing me or recommending me to the lord , to allow me to join that group. Then, lord with his left hand, gave a gesture to join the group and I started walking eagerly behind the lord. I could see lord only from behind, i could not see his face.
After waking up, i felt that the situation in the dream was similar to the one, when Lord Ram along with Lord Lakshman, Lord Hanuma and with army of monkey men , going to lanka to bring back Matha Sita, by defeating Ravana.
I was very happy that i could see Lord Ram and Hanuma in the dream ( though i could not see from front) and the best part is,I have been permitted to join the army of Lord Ram. Lord Ram and Lord Hanuma cobsidered me eligible as a soldier in their divine army.
Thank God, thanks for your blessings.
I will give my best in my work and follow dharma. Please strengthen me to reach your expectations.

Devotee Speaks:

om namo hanumatye namah
Bhagwan shree hanumat ke charno me meta Kori Kori pranam.. Sweekar Karen. Prabhu jeevan ke is mod par jab me mushkilon se ghiri hun.. Is setu se aapke pavitra updeshon se judkar jeevan ke sangharsh ko hiimmat aur bhakti se purs karna chahti hun.
Prabhu mujhe gyan shakti budhi vishwash Aaur samajh de.mujhe sharirik air baudhik Shari done ki kripa Karen.. Taaki me apne kartvyon ko pura Katie sadaiv sadaiv ke liye mukt hokar aapki Sharan me as sakun
Om name hanumatye mama.

Devotee Speaks:

Hello my dear brothers and sisters of setuu community,

In chapter 8, Setuu organisation gave a note saying only blessed souls can understand it. Dont doubt yourself here. Coming to know this organisation itself is a blessing. JUST HAVE FAITH ON LORD HANUMAN. U WILL UNDERSTAND IT. If you didnt understand any part, patiently read it from beginning. I was afraid to read it. But somehow i read it today. This was my experience.

Caution: Dont read after u indulged in any worldy activity. Your chances to understand the chapter will decrease.

I hope i did not hurt the organisation. If i did so please delete this entry.

Devotee Speaks:

Hanuman ji ki setu se jurne se pahle Mujhe sapne me charan poja aaya . Fir main apne bhaiya se batayi to bole tum setu se jur jao tumko pata chal jayega ye charan poja kya h. Fir main setu se juri or aaj tak hanuman ji ke chapter ka wait karti hun . Hanuman je ko or matango ko man hi man main pranam karti rahti hun . Mera bhi margadarshan kare .... Main bhi is sansar me jevan maran ke chakra me fashi hun ... Mujhe jo Anjali ke sarir me aarudh hai .. moksha de kar par kar do prabhu jai Shree Ram jai Shree Ram jai Shree Ram

Devotee Speaks:

So i have always had various questions right from my childhood like how does the universe exist ? who is God? is everything destined ? who i'm i ? Where do i come from and so on .
these were some question s right from my childhood that kept my mind and my subconscious occupied .

I have a hanuman temple near my house where we did perform pooja . I never had asked anything from God other then to give me good grades or at times i prayed for my family and as well as the world to be at peace.
I never knew what setuu hauman was back then.

So it all started from 2014 that makes sense to me now.
I was a 2nd year engineering computer science student. I had a neighbor who is a part of BKS(bhramakumari's) though we are neighbor from childhood this never happened .
The timing was so perfect that my dad as well as my friend at the same time insisted me to the BKS one week course. The course contains everything about souls , all the yugs and so on. Everything related to birth and death.
I started to get a brief about how life is and what life cycles are.
I kept my studies going . In my last year of engineering i met with a small minor accident and that time a friend of mine helped me.
And as if this had to happen we both got to know each other more and then fell in love.
This guy turned out to be perfect for me.
but only thing was our situations were not right.
So then in August 2016 we broke up. Because he was in a relationship with some other girl
but was completely in love with me.
As soon as the breakup happened i decided to keep a no contact rule.(bco someone had told me u can get him back keep the no contact rule and see)
So that period was hell though to that we both got suicidal thoughts.
after a month or so we stopped talking and i dnt get why is this happening.

In December 2016 we had the turn to do pooja at the haunman mandir for one month .
And one day while cleaning the temple as if something happened and someone told me ' no contact rule' thats when i realized the no contact rule worked as magic in a bad way .

I dnt know what karma is what things are but know i get to know everything.
Then i stared to google about how do i pray to haunman ji.
From randomly i dnt remember from where but i got the link of setuu and i got connect to setuu and started to read about it .

While reading i got to know that Lord haunman visit the mantang year 41 years , and the last time he visited was 2014. And he gives aatma gayan to his devotes.
And now i also re collect that every event that took place in my life was on saturday s .

Also to my surprise when i started to pray to pray to Loard hauman i got to see a monkey out of now where in the city within a week.

I truly feel blessed and realizes that at times God just makes things happen.
Though things might not make at that moment but later u get to know them like Lord haunman said learn to live with questions u will that will lead you to the supreme truth.

Devotee Speaks:

It was 22 Aug 2017. I saw Lord Hanuman in a Tree from my home and Tree was in a Temple near my Home(Tree Name Ficus religiosa- Pippal Tree).
My Regular Routine was same
From 22 Aug to 24 Aug.(for 3 days) to see the tree.
But on 25 Aug 2017 that Big tree fell down on temple roof due to Heavy Rain and Air.

I didn't know why this happened.
Can I see lord Hanuman in future?

Devotee Speaks:

Recently we visited Tirumala for darshan of Lord Shri. Venkateshwara on 21 August. Our Kalyanam tickets were booked for 22 August. By standing in the que line we were able to secure tickets for the early morning Angapradakshina seva on 22 August. It almost took 2 hours for waiting and getting the tickets. We had to report at Vaikuntam que complex at 1 0'clock. In the evening we went and visited Japali teertam. This is the place where Sri Rama and Maata Sita stayed there along with Hanuma. There is a small temple which is dedicated to hanuman. We had a good darshan of the lord and came back to the room. It is a long walk with many steps both sides coming and going to the teetham. I was very tired.

My daughter-in-law had arranged the alarm for 12am for Angapradakshina. I never rely on alarms.
At exactly 11:44 pm I was awoken by a pleasant voice in my left ear saying the mantra Kaaltantu Kaarecharanti Enar Marishnu
Nirmukter Kaaletwam Amarishnu
This mantra was so sweet, that I got up forgetting all my pains and problems and did all my tasks and was able to do the Angapradakshina without the slightest discomfort. From the moment the mantra was spoken into my ear, I am still experiencing the same blissfulness and feeling the grace of Lord Hanuma.

Jai Shri Ram.

Devotee Speaks:

Jai Sriram .jai hanuman

My journey to this site is very surprising.I am thrilled to read the Leela's of LORD HANUMAN.
It changed the way I perceive this material world and I really feel that I am closer to hanuman ji than ever before.

My recent experience is on the evening of 7th August 2017. It was lunar eclipse and I was trying to get the dharbalu to place in the house to negate the effect of Chandra Graham. My wife is very strict about getting the dharbalu and she want me to try them on that evening. I tried in near by temples expecting dharbalu,but all the temples are closed as they usually do before any Grahanam.
I prayed to lord Sriram to help me in getting dharbalu and went near the Hanuman temple which was little far from my house and to my surprise there is one old man who seems to be getting ready to close the temple. I along with my 10 year old son ,tried our best to reach him before he could close.Finally we got them. Hanuman Ji will not let his devotees down. I thanked him for helping me.

Jai Sri Hanuman.....

Devotee Speaks:

जय श्री राम
प्रभु हनुमान जी के चरनों में एक तुच्छ भक्त का प्रणाम ।
सभी सेतु के संत तथा मातंग मुनियो के चरणों में प्रणाम ।
मैं अपने अनुभव बताने से पहले प्रभु को धन्यवाद देता हु की उनकी कृपा से मैं इस युग में होने वाली उनकी लीलाये
पढ़ सका ।
हनुमान जी के श्री मुख से ऐसा अनुपम ज्ञान प्राप्त कर मैं धन्य हो गया ।
उनके द्वारा प्राप्त ज्ञान ने मुझे इस तरह प्रभावित किया है । की मैं शब्दों में नहीं बता सकता ।
फिर भी कोशिश करूँगा ।
बचपन से हमें सिर्फ सांसारिक ज्ञान ही दिया जाता है । और यही सिखया जाता की यही ज्ञान सर्वोपरि है । परंतु इन अध्यायों को पढ़ने के बाद मुझे अहसास हुआ की मनुष्य जन्म अनमोल है । वो सिर्फ अपने स्वार्थ सिद्ध करने के लिए नहीं बना । ईश्वर प्राप्ति के लिए है। मुझे हमेशा ऐसा लगता था । की भगवन ने मुझे ये नहीं दिया । वो नहीं दिया । पर अब पता चला उसे जो कुछ मिलता है उसी के कर्म और इच्छा अनुसार मिलता है । तथा मानव इच्छा का कभी अन्त नहीं होता है । वो सिर्फ एक सरीर या जीवन में नहीं बंधा है । उसका क्या अस्तित्व है । कैसे उसकी उत्पति है । तथा क्या उसका अन्त है । प्रभु आप की कृपा से जान गया ।
प्रभु इन अध्यायों को पड़ने के बाद मेरी इस जीवन में कोई इच्छा नहीं रही । अतः इस जीवन में मेरे साथ जो हो गया है । हो रहा है । और जो होगा । उसे अपने कर्मो का परिणाम समझ कर स्वीकार करूँगा प्रभु । सदैव सत कर्म करने की कोशीश करूँगा ।
प्रभु मैं अभी जीस स्तिथी में रह रहा हु । यहाँ पर चारो तरफ असुर प्रभावित मानव है । जिस वजह से मैं भी असुर प्रभावित हु । भगवन परंतु आपका सानिध्य पा कर मेरी आत्मा से कई अज्ञान की परते उतर गयी । पर मैं अभी पूर्णतः असुर मुक्त नहीं हुआ हु । मेरे विचार और स्वभाव में मेरे वस में नहीं होते है । परन्तु प्रभु आपके द्वारा प्राप्त ज्ञान और भक्ति से अपने आपको सुधरने की कोशिश करता रहुगा प्रभु । मैं ने अनजाने में कुछ अनुचित बात कही हो भगवन तो क्षमा करना प्रभु । आपकी कृपा हमेशा बनाये रखना प्रभु । आपके श्री चरणों में मेरा प्रणाम ।
जय श्री राम भक्त हनुमान ।।

Devotee Speaks:

"Om Shri Seetha Rama Chandra Devathaya Namaha:"
"Om Shri Aanjaneya Swamiye Namaha:"

I am devotee of Lord Shri Ram, I chant Shri Rama raksha sthothra and Shri Hanuman Chalisa every day. One day I got a link to "Setuu" website from a social networking site, So I checked the website and started reading lord Shri Hanuman leelas. After reading lord Shri Hanuman leelas, I understood about mind, body and soul and I have gained confidence in my life and the way leela's explained by lord Shri Hanuman is very easy to understand. Thank you very much to Setuu website.

"Jai Shri Ram"
"Jai Hanuman".

Devotee Speaks:

Jay Shree Ram
Jay Hanuman Ji,


Honestly, I didn't know, How I came to , but the ways that directed me to came here was interconnected. Here I would Like to Share My experience, not just because I really want to, but Honestly, I didn't want to share Hanuman Ji Gives me a Short quick dream darshan, where I wasn't able to see Hanuman ji's clear Face Because of the daivik Shine on Face, my eyes were not able to see. Without sharing my experience I am not able to read hanuman Ji 's leela s and brahmgyan pravachans.

This was the beginning,

I was living abroad apart from wife, and any how me and my wife couldn't get together, for visa issues. After marriage, 6 months after I came abroad and she was backhome India, and She stayed without me for 5 years, crying everyday,.

There was a Day, I was so Upset , and i don't know how, but sudden sit for praying hanuman ji and was cryingly requesting him please, Solve the biggest problem of my life , i prayed in hindi'' he hanuman ji, jese tumne shree ram or sita maiya ko firse mila diya tha, muje bhi meri wife se milado ''' from then I was sincerely Praying Hanuman Ji by chanting Hanuman Chalisa everyday, in few weeks after heared a good news for approval and Finally she approved and The 5 year 4 month wait is over and my wife is with me,

I always chanting hanuman chalisa, ...and..

There was a day , I see a dream , where I was In place were Big mountain surrounded by green forests, and I see a quick , darshan of Hanuman Ji, right infront of me and immidiately I was on my knee and spoke, Jay shree ram, '' I seen Hanuman Ji, with Very shining face, but eyes couldn't catch the face clearly, but I seen Beared, hairy body, Gadaa, ... i was On my knee and I spoke, Jay shree ram. ( I didn't Know , How suddenly That Happened).

I don't want to share it as I have that moment captured in my mind and Everyday while chanting Hanuman Chalisa, I have my closed eyes with rememebering Hajuman Ji Darshan.

Now, After that, Seriously, honestly How I came to Know about, but I believe this all is interconnected and ( Hanuman Ji 's Leela ). brings me here to read Hanuman ji 's Leela.

****** At this Moment, Me , my wife are strongly Believing that, Hanuman Ji Protecting Their Devotees,

Jay Shree Ram
Jay Kesari Nanadan.

Devotee Speaks:

According to the chapters that i have gone through , life mere seems to be series of illusions . Living in this bubbly world it becomes very difficult to keep a right pace between reality and vision or illusion . Please! Help us by enlightening on this issue a little more so that we can strike the right code between reality and distractions of the world. Life has become a web from where it looks like impossible to do away with day to day chaos and distractions as currently we are living in a machine world which has made us lazy and as and when we are supposed to do something physically, devils like anger , jealousy etc. seem to possess us. Please help!!

Devotee Speaks:

Jai Shree Ram Jai Shree Hanuman

Gratitude to my gurudev shree Hanuman Ji
gratitude to all the Mathangs and setuu team.

Gurudev I (the soul riding on body of Karan) every moment feel your presence around me everywhere I go I feel you with me My Lord.
Whatever happens around is your blessings gurudev and I am part of you and will soon be one with you and I do not own anything gurudev everything is yours.
Hey Gurudeva Shree Hanuman Ji with your blessings I came to know about Brahmcharya at a very young age of this body but at that time I was unable to maintain brahmcharya and then I tried and failed and then tried and failed and then forget that and at that time I knew that there is some relation of me with you but not fully aware of and so many things happened but I never go away from you or I should say You never left me you were always with me and are here always with me gurudev and than last year I came to know about setuu from Inspiration that I got from a dream in which I met Lord SHiva and In which I was told that I am on the right path and I should not stop and This was told by a priest in the temple near shivalinga and outside that temple I saw shiva in the form he is known in this maanavloka and then after waking up I decided that there is definetly some strong bond with my lord shree Hanuman ji and I shearched alot on internet and then I came to Setuu with your blessings and then I read all the divine chapters by your blessings gurudev and then I saw you In swapanloka and you also gave me blessings and you also gave me a piece of cloth that was on your body and smiled and then once again I concluded that there is some special bond with you gurudev and then again 2 time I got your divine darshan in swapanloka and I kind-off felt that the society in which I have taken birth in body of Karan is also your blessings gurudeva and I now felt nothing here I just always want to be with you I see everyone's happiness and sorrows as a result of their karam-desires and every event that happen around me as your blessings to show me the path of Moksha by giving me the supreme knowledge and I found you everywhere and the knowledge given by you in everything I experience through this body and you always teach me the way to moksha and with your blessings now I once again came to brahmcharya I studied its principles and there I also found the supreme knowledge with your blessings and therefore I took vow of brahmacharya with your blessings gurudev I am not fond of any supernatural powers or siddhis all I know is Brahmcharya is a way by which I can get above this body-mind to the level of soul and then only I can have your sakshat darshan in maanavloka itself and then only i can leave this body I firmly believe that this is your blessings my gurudeva you are showing me the path that came to you I am a part of you and will be merged with you soon.
Jai Shree Hanuman.
Hey gurudeva I always wanted to serve you help you I am your servant gurudeva I dont want any materialistic thing or money I want you only gurudeva nothing else.
Hey Gurudeva I wanted to come to Setuu Hanuman Bodhi at sri Lanka Soon so that i can fully devote myself to you and get out of the trap of Maya and serve you gurudev please make path for me so that I can come there and do my sadhna and so I can always be near you and help you and Shree Vishnu and all gods if you wish my lord I am nothing without you Please make path for me so that I can come there.
Jai Shree Ram Jai Shree Hanuman.
I am always at your service my gurudeva jai shree Hanuman.Please show me the path.
Jai Shree Ram Jai Shree Hanuman.

Devotee Speaks:

Thank you so much Guru ji..

i got a job after four years.. i request you to be with me.. so that i do my job under your guidance... protect me in this alien place.

Devotee Speaks:

गुरु हनुमानजी कि श्री चरणों में इस आत्मा का समर्पण
सभी सेतु संतो और मातांगो को नमन

जेसा की मेने पहले भी लिखा था और उसका उत्तर भी मिला कि मुझे दौरे पढ़ते थे और आपने मेरी प्राथना प्रभु तक पहुचाई थी उसके बाद मेरे दौरे पड़ना ना के बराबर हो गया था ......पर जब से अध्य्याय 24 को पढ़ा है ये दौरे वापस 2 दिन से चालू हो गए है और हा ये रात को सोते वक्त पड़ते है सब कुछ अजीब सा लग रहा है कभी कभी घर और आस पास कि चीजे भी अजनबी से लगती है लेकिन कुछ सेकण्ड के लिए ....हे गुरु देव कर्पा करो इन दोरो से पीछा छुड़ाओं
गुरुदेव व् सभी सेतु संतो और मातांगो को इस आत्मा का नमन

Devotee Speaks:

Dear Master

It is incredibly difficult to get rid of maya or the concept of everything being me and an extension of my body, and it all being real and everlasting.

Just before writing this post and reading devotee questions, I had a terrible thought experience, surreal, yet something I would never like to experience first hand. The incredible pain of losing a child.

While going through this surrogate experience, I was also recollecting Chapter 24 and its messages, but saw how hopeless was the case. I realized that I have an ever so strong clinging for the body and its relations, and would never consciously want to experience that pain.

Changing the scene, however sounds good, but the pre-requisite is less attachment to surroundings, desires, etc.

Its a CATCH 22 sort of a situation.

The best part is that I dont even know what to ask here, and am relating my thought process.

Meditation does give some respite, but for a small amount of time, rest of the waking and sleeping time are passed in this infinite play of scenes.

I am very grateful for you in bringing this message online to thousands, and potentially millions.


Devotee Speaks:

I have full faith and trust and also an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman. He has solved my several personal problems indirectly.He is graceful enough to remind me of His presence on this Universe whenever I likely to forget His Name(smaran) during my prayer. Indeed I am and will ever surrender to His feet for all time to come for His grace and blessings on me. However, as an human being having materialistic desires, I pray Lord Hanuman to free me from all problems both financial and personal, which He is quite aware by minimising my karma, at shortest period. I have already suffered enough of upheavals in my life so as to enable me to renounce the worldly affairs and to serve Lord Hanuman during the remaining period of my life.