Seek guidance - coping with intense guilt

The Experience/Query posted below was posted by a devotee/Sadhaka.

Dear Setuu team

Jai Sri Ram
Jai Sadguru Hanuman

I seek guidance on coping with intense guilt stemming out of mistakes during worship.

The incident is that during Navratri, we have a family custom of worshipping Durga mata by installing the Garba pot. We have been doing this for many years
This time a strange incident occurred. On the second day of Pooja before Aarti the Garba pot slipped from its installed position and fell on ground and the Garba Jyoti and content also got scattered on ground. As the pot was made of metal it was not damaged. We prepared the pot again and reinstalled it in its position. And after offering our Pooja we completed the aarti.

Since we are strong worshipers of Goddess Durga we are afraid if we have offended the goddess and this guilt is too painful. We seek guidance from Sadguru Hanumanji that if such incidents happen which causes stress to us, how to cope with them. Also do such incidents indicate any kind of omen for the family.

With this submit ourselves to the holy feet of Goddess Durga, Sri Rama and Sadguru Hanumanji and apologize for our mistakes and seek protection from them.

Please guide us in this regard.

Waiting for your reply

Jai Sri Ram
Jai Hanumanji


Setu Speaks: 

Divine Soul,

This only signifies that something had to be cleaned from the pot of your collected past Karma. Gods have executed whatever had to be. There is nothing ominous in it. There is no reason to be guilty about it.