Query on chapter 22

The Experience/Query posted below was posted by a devotee/Sadhaka.

Dear Setuu Team

Jai Shri Ram
Jai Sadguru Hanumanji.

It was extremely delightful and highly insightful to read the latest chapter. I have no words left to describe to beauty of Sri Ram's mind which can perceive anything without any judgement/prejudice. Will look forward to more such chapters.

However I am having one clarification here. As I read the chapter more carefully, I understand that any amount of information will never suffice to make our mind clear of reality. Our mind will continuously evolve unlimited images as and when more and more information are pounded on to it on any given thing. it could be person/action of a person.

In such circumstances, If we have to react on a situation, or respond to a person on any given situation, or take action on someone for if that person's action has affected us, It would be very difficult to take a decision on reacting/responding to the situation because our mind would still not be knowing the reality. It could also lead to a scenario where our reactive / responsive action can create injustice to that person as Reality would never be rightly perceived.

I humbly seek clarity on this subject that how to be totally unbiased and still take the right decision in reacting/responding to a given situation.

I pray to Sadguru Sri Hanumanji in helping me in understanding this concept.

Waiting for your response.

Jai Sri Ram
Jai Sadguru Hanumanj

Setu Speaks: 

Divine Soul,

This chapter, If understood, adds an information with every experience you would be having from this point forth. And that additional information is, "Whatever you see is not reality, it is just a version of reality as you see it."

This additional piece of info will change the way you respond to situations.

If somebody hurts you, you would be more forgiving and compassionate towards them thinking, "I see that they have tried to hurt me, but that may not be the reality."

If somebody has done favor to you, you would be less attached to them, thinking, "I see that they have done favor to me, but that may not be the reality. But I am someone who loves unconditionally, so I love this person regardless." (Less Attachment means more unconditional love.)

This is how someone who is on the path of supreme truth responds to people and circumstances. This is how sages interact with the outside world. So, this chapter ought to bring this quality of sages in you.