Queries related to Linga Shastra

The Experience/Query posted below was posted by a devotee/Sadhaka.

Dear Setuu Team

Greetings to you.

My most humble and heart full Pranaam to the Holy feet of our beloved God Shri Ramachandraji and Shri Hanumanji

I am grateful to your team to bring to us such a profound and rare knowledge from Our Lord and Sadguru Shri Hanumanji.

I am following your chapters very closely and am also reiterating my read on the chapters for deeper understanding on the subject.

In this quest while my repeated reading on the Chapter 13, I wanted to seek some clarifications. for which I am herewith writing to you. Please provide me the clarifications on my questions. Please do not take my questions as my audacity. I seek sincerely.

Question 1:

While reading the chapter on Linga Shastra I understand that - "By Altering the Linga of a Soul, The body also changes to the same form as the linga is converted." Here I wanted to ask that if a body changes would the intellect/Consciousness/Chitta also change automatically, or intellect/Consciousness/Chitta has to be worked upon separately ?

The reason I ask this is that in the Chapter 7, Lord mentions that the consciousness of each specie varies. As he gives the example of a Monkey who sees the Sun and perceives it as a Fruit. and We humans perceive Sun As a Source of energy, Star or Ball of fire etc. So here I understand that the Every animal sees, understands, perceives the nature in its own way. In that case if the body of the being is changed then logically would the Consciousness change automatically or it has to be worked upon separately.

Please clarify this question.

Question 2:

Again, while reading the chapter on the Linga shastra I understand that - "When all Linga is maintained with only positive light waves it assumes divine form and reaches Vishnu Loka. When its Positive and Negative light waves are in perfect equilibrium, I assumes the form of Shiva lingam and reaches Shiva loka. I was only curious to know what would happen if the Linga is maintained with Negative light waves?

[Please Note: As to Question 2, if Lord Hanuman Has deliberately avoided the point then you may choose to not answer the question]

Please help me in my quest of deeper understanding on the subject.

Waiting for your reply.


Best regards

Setu Speaks: 

Divine Soul,

Yes, along with body, everything else too change.

Negative waves of Linga solidify into body of demons.