Pranams..Thank you & Koti Koti Vandan !

The Experience/Query posted below was posted by a devotee/Sadhaka.

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I am speechless as I read your message Prabhu, and also pranams to the Setuu team, who has connected with the Mighty and Gyan-Gun Sagar Prabhu Anjaney..

My words can not describe my gratitude and am humbled by your reply !!

As I see Prabhu's blessings showered on me, my motivation and energy is thousand folds now ! Thank you, thank you, thank you ! For your wisdom that is shining like a torch on our life's path !

I always felt very strongly for the departed souls who had sacrificed themselves for our country silently, and hence this book..will keep you updated once I finish writing..

Happy Diwali to all ! Koti Koti Vandan to Param shurveer & wise, immortal Hanumanji !