The Experience/Query posted below was posted by a devotee/Sadhaka.

Jai hanuman.
I am devotee of hanuman ji
And have complete faith in my lord (my babaji)
I hv many times experienced his presence n his mirecals in my life.
Many strange things keep happening in my life.
Although I am aware that this are negative energies which r harming me.
I hv seen hurdels in performing prayers n pooja.
All my life this ws happening but that time I ws nt aware of real cause.
Now slowly I hv started knowing the things.
I wanted to do my navratra pooja with full rituals n dedication
But just a day before something happened.
My right hand elbow which ws already injured 3 month back .
Ws finally recovering.
But on 30 th September 2016.
I ws in kitchen just switching of the lights after my work ws over
Some unusual happen
My elbow hit the wall in a way which is nt possible.
N again my elbow ws injured.
That same day
Once again while working in kitchen.
I felt somebody did it.
My elbow got hit with very fast speed to some vessel .
N now after that .
I ws nt able to perporm any durga pooja.
Plz .
Help me.
As if why this is happening.
Forth time I am hurt at same place in my elbow.
I feel that this r negative energies who don't want me to pray my lord hanuman.

Setu Speaks: 

Divine Soul,

These are Asurrahs, You need to know them to ward them off.

When you get anxious about their little disturbances, they get more reasons to overpower you. There is a plenty of information about Asurrahs in the chapters published here. Know their nature to fight their nuisance. In short, you need to make them feel that you are not bothered about the obstructions they create. When they fail to make you worried, they will fly away from you.