My Pranams on the Deepavali day and the festivals ! Thank you, and some doubts on Chapter 22.

The Experience/Query posted below was posted by a devotee/Sadhaka.

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Param Pujya Anjaney Hanumanji,

You know everything about me, my life, my family, problems and my weaknesses.
You have always been there for me.

You smile when I am making a mistake, but prevent me from falling.

I can feel that soon you will get both my daughters married off with right life partners by your blessings..Thank you Prabhu !

I have a question on Chapter : 22..As you told the story of Ahilya and judging and illusions, how can I, a human, who imagines and writes stories, from history of Indian freedom struggle, can stay away from imagining and judging ? As you will agree that imaginations are necessary for this. Only if you think it is answerable, since it is just a doubt !

You are param gnyani prabhu, a great support to me, and I am sure you are leading me towards the journey of enlightenment whenever it may come to me.

Shat shat pranams..I am overwhelmed !

Pranams from my family, we all are blessed by you, for everything. Jai Shree Ram !

Setu Speaks: 

Divine Soul,

After reading this chapter, you would be more objective towards your job. You would not form opinions as to who was wrong and who was right. You would do your job better and in an objective way, the way a real historian ought to be.