Little Confusion Related to "Puja Process"

The Experience/Query posted below was posted by a devotee/Sadhaka.

Respected Soul,

I have some confusion about Shri Hanuman Ji “Puja Vidhi Process”.

As per Setuu website Mathang use mantra (Posted in Website) to calling hanuman ji.

But my soul is thinking that this knowledge give to Mathang by hanuman ji for their worship or calling.

Is it right if we use same mantra for calling hanuman ji ?

And in second hand In Hindu religion (Very old religion) process of worship or calling is totally different.

Many very lucky soul have got hanuman ji darshan from Hindu religion.

Which (from both Mathang Style and Hindu religion Style) is right for worship and Dharshan of Hanuman Ji?

Setu Speaks: 

Divine Soul,

We have published only 3 lines of Mantra with permission of Lord Hanuman. After that we didn't get the permission probably because people were misusing the Mantra. We will release it fully if and when we get His permission. Most probably the devotees who sincerely read the chapters will be eligible for the Mantra. We suppose we won't get permission to publish it for public in general.

Hinduism consists of Guru Traditions. Mathangs is one of the Guru traditions, the difference is that here Guru is Lord Hanuman Himself. Most of the Guru Paramparas have been lost. If your family has its Guru Parampara intact, you should follow your Guru Parampara.