i am bit confused regarding my dreams

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!!Jai Shri Ram!!
!!Jai hanuman ji!!

Respected setuu masters

Kindly guide me as i am bit confused regarding my dreams.i am frequently dreaming of hanuman ji,and two days before i had dream in which there was a saint organising for some kind of pooja,and somebody was chanting "jai shri ram".when the person chanting "jai shri ram",my soul was experiencing strange feeling,i was feeling like my soul was flying out of my body.The person was chanting "jai shri ram" was not clearly visible to me but i was sure in my dream that he was my guru hanuman ji.The dream was like real but it was a dream.my mind is not able to bear such dreams.Plz settle my mind with your divine words.ll

"Jai shri ram".

Setu Speaks: 

Divine Soul,

We advise devotees not to try to do postmortem of dreams. If it is a good dream and you do postmortem, you may waste an opportunity to realize that dream in real world. If it is a bad dream and you do postmortem of it, you recycle your bad desires which may result in a bad reality next time.

Do not try to understand dreams. Just let them be,