How should I practice the concept of "I am paramatma"?

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Pranam on lord Hanuman's holy feet

Should I imagine the concept in this way " I am paramatma and all other living and non living things and the whole universe are my reflection .The person /animal/non-living thing infront of me is paramatma and I am his/her reflection."

But another person /animal/good and bad people/ universe(stars ,planets ,galaxies)are so different from me. Is this due to very high variation of my reflection?

Which is the mirror? Where is this mirror ?(in another belt of time?/ Is my body the mirror?) .Is it a typical mirror or any other thing that is called as mirror?

After I had read chapter 23 i am trying to practice this concept. It is helping me in this way---- whenever I become angry on someone or don't like their behaviour i think that "I am paramatma and he /she is my reflection" and I get relief from anger or just like the way he/she treated with me .
Is it right way practising the concept? If not then please show me the path.

Whatever enlightenment/supreme knowledge we achieve in each birth,does it get stored? Like suppose there are 100 types of supreme knowledge. Let i have achieve 5 types in one birth .so in next birth will these 5 types will get stored and I can achieve other types except these 5 types OR i have to achieve again these 5 types and then continue?

NOW THESE QUESTIONS ARE IRRITATING MY MIND(this happens to all of us when unable to find answers of our questions)


Setu Speaks: 

Divine Soul,

"I am Paramatma and my body as well as bodies of people around me are my reflections." This is correct.

Lord Ram encountered a lion and thought that how could lion be my reflection. Yes, the lion is very high variation of my reflection.

If you can find a mirror, that mirror is also the reflection of Paramatma. That is not the mirror where Paramatma is reflected. That mirror is just another reflection.

Your thoughts about '100 types of knowledge' are in wrong direction. Think this way: Suppose there is a monk who has attained all types of knowledge you could possibly think, why can't your soul enter into the body of that monk?