Rare description of 9 Forms of Devi Durga by Lord Krishna

[Context for those readers who are new to Setuu : Lord Hanuman is immortal. He has always been in visible communication with sages meditating in jungles, but it is for the first time in Kaliyuga that His Leelas has reached mainstream society.  Below mentioned incidence was told by Lord Hanuman some months ago to Mathangs when He came to meet them. This incidence is part of Lord Hanuman’s Kaliyuga Leelas which are being deciphered by Setuu Masters. These Leelas contain the supreme knowledge in its purest form- the knowledge which had disappeared from ancient texts like Vedas and Puranas, in course of misinterpretations and mistranslations done in last many centuries.]


In Mahabharata war, when both sides of the army had arrived in the land of Kurukshetra, My Lord (Lord Vishnu in Krishna form) told me, “Hanuman, Pandavas have always suffered in their lives. Their past life Karmas have always given them sorrows and pain. As I can see, they are going to get defeated in this war also because of their past life Karmas. This war is now not a war of Pandavas. It is war for welfare of entire mankind. Therefore, their entire existence need to be purified so that they can get rid of bad luck and win this war. In order to purify their existence, we need to perform NavDurga Pooja for them before the war”


In the Pooja, Lord Krishna had told all attendees as to how Devi Durga takes 9 forms to purify entire existence of a person.


He told:

When there are impurities in water, we purify it by distillation (process of evaporation and condensation of water). Similarly Devi Durga can absorb entire existence of an individual and release it back in purified form.


Existence (life) of an individual spans in 3 dimensions of Time: past, present and future. Devi Durga takes her first 3 forms (Shailaputri, BrahmCharini and ChandraGhanta) to purify past of a person. She takes her next 3 forms (Kushmanda, SkandMata and Katyayini) to purify present of a person. She takes her last 3 forms (KaalRatri, MahaGauri and SidhiDatri) to purify future of a person. Thus entire existence of a person gets purified.


Purification of Past:

Our past is made up of mainly three things:

(1) The memories we have about outside world: Whatever we have experienced in past, we have memories of that. But Devi Durga in her ShailPutri form has no memories, just the way a Shail (rock) has no memories. Instead, she acts as purifier of memories of devotees. Bad memories like memories of hurt, deception etc bring bad luck to a person. Therefore they must be filtered off.


(2) The impressions we leave on outside world: Every activity which we have done in past, we have left an impression of that on the outside world. If we have done good deeds, even if nobody watched us doing that, the universe has watched it and has impression of it. If we have done bad deeds, even if nobody watched us doing that, the universe has watched it and has impression of it. Devi Durga in her BrahmaCharini form is fully detached from outside world. She doesn’t leave any impression of her existence on the outside world. Instead she acts as purifier of impressions left by us on outside world. Impressions of bad deeds bring bad luck to us, therefore they needs to be filtered off.

(3) Our nature: We all have unique nature. Two different people react to a situation in two different ways. Our nature is governed by our moon sign (Raashi). Devi Durga in her ChandraGhanta form is not governed by the moon. Her only nature is to purify our nature.


Purification of Present:

Our present is made up of 3 things:

(1) The information being bombarded on us : We are receiving information from outside world in various forms - rays of light show us the colors and forms of objects; waves of sounds tells us voice of objects; flow of smell give us odor of objects and so on. This information affects the way we are. Therefore, it must be purified. Devi Kushmanda acts like black hole (Kushmanda) of negative information. She absorbs all the negative information being projected on us.


(2) All the information being processed by our senses: Sometimes we get good information but our senses perceive it wrongly. For instance, somebody gives a good advice but we refuse to take it due to the prejudices hold by our senses about that person. [As the saying goes, everything looks yellow to jaundiced eye.] Therefore our skill to sense the information must be purified. Devi Durga in her SkandaMata form purifies that skill (Skanda).


(3) Temperament at present moment: Temperament can be classified in terms of animal forms also. For example, sometimes we are calm like a cow, sometimes we are restless like a cat, sometimes we are feeling free like a bird, sometimes we feel submissive like a dog, and sometimes we feel aggressive like a bull and so on. Devi Durga in her Katyayini form purifies our temperament.


Purification of future:

Future is made of three things:

(1) Fears about future: Fears about future affect the way we are and bring bad luck. Therefore they must be purified. Devi Durga in her KaalRatri form acts like absorbent of our unfounded fears.


(2) Fantasy and dreams about future: If we dwell too much in fantasies and dreams, it affects our fortunes. Devi Durga in her MahaGauri form purifies our dreams.


(3) Pending results of work we have done: Sometimes we do all the work perfectly but when time comes to get the results, things go wrong. Therefore the results of the work we have done must be purified. Devi Durga in her SiddhiDatri form purifies that part of our future.


 [Setuu’s Note : In ancient times, knowledge was important part of a Pooja. These days, chanting of shlokas has been reduced to mere symbolism. Pooja without knowledge can give temporary peace of mind but it doesn’t give desired results. Many generations before us have died in confusion and ignorance. Our generation is lucky that we have got the supreme knowledge in its purest form from Lord Hanuman Himself. Read chapters of Lord Hanuman’s Leelas to make your Poojas successful.]